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  • The job of the leader is to assure that the entire organization is engaged and equipped to deliver positive impact.
  • This work can be challenging in mission-driven organizations operating in a’VUCA’ environment that may be volatile, uncertain, complex, or ambiguous about the future.
  • Positive leadership is a philosophy and set of practices that can be helpful for leading organizations that seek to create positive impact while operating in a challenging environment.
  • Positive leadership seeks to optimize performance and impact by elevating people through positive engagement and supports.
  • Positive leadership is not a superficial approach.  It is supported by research evidence, and it does not shy away from addressing real challenges in the workplace.

Consider adopting or strengthening the following practices for positive leadership. All of these practices are supportive of positive strategy, management, teamwork, and self direction.

  • Positive Vision. Create clarity of vision related to the mission, goals, and strategies for creating positive impact.
  • Positive Meaning.  Assure that everyone in the organization knows their work is meaningfully connected to the vision.
  • Positive Climate.  Define, demonstrate, and encourage positive values and norms of behavior such as caring, respect, gratitude, forgiveness, integrity, kindness, trust, and other values important to your team.  Support positive values and behaviors through aligned policies and procedures.
  • Positive Communication.  Foster positive communication by engaging with people in ways that demonstrating caring, recognize contributions, and address concerns in positive ways.
  • Positive Relationships.  Develop individual relationships that are professional and positive, focusing on strengths as well as opportunities for learning and development.
  • Positive Performance.  Set and adhere to standards for performance.  Celebrate accomplishments, and address shortfalls in positive ways.
  • Positive Teaching.  Teach, coach, and mentor the core principles and practices of positive leadership across the organization. You might start by sharing some of the following resources.
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