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  • Teamwork for high performance means working together to accomplish the mission and goals of the organization.
  • Positive team members are committed, collaborative, supportive, self directed, and willing to address conflict in positive ways.
  • We can optimize our team role by being aware of team goals and using our skills to elevate team performance.

These positive practices are supported by research on traits of valued team members.

  • 1. Be Committed. Commit to accomplishing the goals of the organization and the team.
  • 2. Be Connected.  Take initiative to communicate with people in your team and the organization.
  • 3. Be Collaborative.  Always be willing to share knowledge and work with other team members to solve problems and innovate better ways of delivering value.
  • 4. Be Supportive.  Reach out to team members who need help.
  • 5. Be Resilient. Resilience is the ability to manage change and bounce back from difficulties. Make a decision to be resilient and stay positive even during difficult times.