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As a positive leader, one of the most important things you can do right now is assure that your organization is strategically aligned for success in 2019.  This means assuring that your strategy is clear, your people are engaged, and your infrastructure is designed to support execution.  This type of strategic alignment is fundamental for success, but too often overlooked amidst the daily challenges of organizational life.  Here are some questions to help you do a quick ‘strategy checkup’ for 2019.

Do we have a clear strategy? 

The first job of leadership is to assure the organization has a defined strategy in terms of mission, customers, value proposition, goals, action strategies, and success measures.  If you have a clearly defined strategy, you are off to a great start.  But remember, strategy development never ends because the operating environment is always changing.  Yesterday’s strategy might need a refresh.

Is everyone engaged?  

Strategy works best when everyone is engaged in creating success.  The leader’s job is to assure that everyone in the organization knows the strategy, and how they can play a role in executing that strategy.  This doesn’t happen by osmosis.  Team members need information, coaching, mentoring, training, and support to be fully engaged in strategy execution.

Are we aligned for execution? 

A clear strategy and engaged people are necessary but not sufficient for strategic success.  We also need to assure that our culture, systems, structures, and policies are aligned to support the team in strategic execution. Think about the following:

  • Do we have an organizational culture where people feel encouraged to collaborate and innovate?
  • Do we have software and data systems that help people optimize their efficiency and effectiveness?
  • Are our organizational structures (teams, reporting pathways, cross-unit interactions) designed to support high performance?
  • Do our policies support and reward the actions we need to be successful?

What do we need to sustain and improve? 

Think carefully about your answers to the questions above.  Identify your organizational strengths, and be sure to sustain them.  Then identify your organizational challenges, and start generating action plans.  As you proceed through this process, remember that every organization has things to work on.  The best organizations have passionate leaders who welcome the challenge!

Community Health Solutions provides research, consulting and learning support for strategy development.  Contact us for a no-obligation conversation about how we might help you accomplish your goals.