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Nonprofit organizations are operating in a dynamic environment of rapid change.  As a nonprofit professional, you need to learn at the speed of change in order to help your organization survive and thrive.

Elevation is designed to help you learn and refresh essential skills for elevating your team, your organization, and your community. In the process you can advance your career and gain the professional growth and satisfaction that comes with knowing you are making a positive difference.

Elevation is a free, online learning resource for nonprofit professionals committed to creating positive impact.

  • Explore the Elevation Learning Streams to build or refresh your skills in strategy, leadership, management, teamwork, and the fundamentals of professional success.
  • Explore the Elevation Insight blog for book reviews and articles on vital topics in nonprofit management.

The Elevation content is curated from subject matter experts within and beyond the nonprofit sphere.  The content is provided in bite-sized pieces that in most cases can be consumed in 15 minutes or list.  The aim is to help you learn essential skills in short bursts of time.

Please share your feedback on how we can optimize Elevation for you and your team.

The Elevation learning model is represented by a pyramid of essential skills for nonprofit professionals.  Elevation begins with a commitment to self direction and practicing the fundamentals of professional excellence.  It continues with with essential skills sets needed for effective teamwork, management, leadership and strategy.

The Elevation Learning Streams correspond with each level of the pyramid. You can start with any Learning Stream the meets your current needs and interests, and progress over time to build and refresh your skills sets.

  • Fundamentals.  The Elevation fundamentals are a cross-cutting set of skills that essential for professional success wherever you are, from entry level to chief executive.  Scan the list of fundamentals in this Learning Stream, and explore the ones that are most relevant for your work.
  • Self Direction Positive impact begins with a personal commitment to excellence.  This Learning Stream can help you demonstrate positive commitment in practical ways, and build your career in the process.
  • Teamwork.  Excellent professionals know they can multiply their impact through positive teamwork.  This Learning Stream can help you practice positive teamwork and elevate team performance.
  • Management.  Positive management is about doing the right things in the right ways whether we are managing our personal time, individual relationships, teams, or projects.  This Learning Stream can help you practice positive management in a variety of settings and situations.
  • Leadership.  Positive leadership incorporates the elements of commitment, teamwork, and management, with a broader focus on organizational development and strategy.  This Learning Stream can help you practice positive leadership in ways that elevate the organization and its impact on the community.
  • Strategy.  Positive strategy is about deciding how the organization will use its resources to demonstrate high performance and create community impact.  Strategy design is primarily the responsibility of leadership, but strategy execution is everyone’s job. This Learning Stream can help you design and execute smart strategies that create positive community impact.