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  • In today’s environment it is imperative to define and demonstrate how your organization creates positive impact.
  • Think of positive impact as the positive effect your organization has on the people and community it serves.
  • The leadership challenge is to understand and embrace the reality that organizations that can define and demonstrate their positive impact have a competitive advantage for funding.
  • The leadership opportunity is to build a positive organization where people work together to create positive impact.
  • The good news is your organization probably creates positive impact in a number of ways. Explore the possibilities with the Positive Impact Wheel in the next section.
  • Your organization may create positive impact in a variety of ways, from direct impact on the health and well-being of individuals to more generalized results such as social impact, economic impact, environmental impact, and policy impact.
  • Scan the Positive Impact Wheel to identify ways your organization creates positive impact by providing services and supports; connecting people to services and supports; or advocating for people in need of services and supports.