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Creating positive impact is imperative for sustaining a mission-based organization.

  • Think of positive impact as the positive effect your organization has on the people and community it serves.
  • Your organization may create positive impact in a variety of ways, from direct impact on the health and well-being of individuals to more generalized results such as social impact, economic impact, environmental impact, and policy impact.
  • Whatever your organization’s positive impact may be, it is imperative to define and demonstrate this impact for your key stakeholders, including the the people you serve as well as your service partners, funders, and others.
  • Creating and demonstrating positive impact requires effective leadership, strategy, management, teamwork, and self direction to get the job done.

How is your organization creating positive impact?

  • Your organization may be creating positive impact in some surprising ways.
  • The ‘positive impact wheel’ below shows more than two dozen pathways to positive impact for mission-driven organizations.
  • How many services and supports are provided by your organization, either directly, through referrals, through partnerships, or through your overall impact as an organization?
  • Whatever pathways apply, consider how well you are defining and demonstrating your positive impact. This is a imperative for building a strong and sustainable organization.

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