• Self direction for high performance means directing your personal learning and growth to advance your career and help the organization achieve its mission and goals
  • Self direction is essential for individuals because in today’s economy professional success requires continuous learning and development.
  • Self direction is essential for the organization because the talent and commitment of individuals will determine whether the organization is able to accomplish its mission and goals..
  • Within the Elevation learning community, we provide resources to help you learn and development in the areas of teamwork, management, strategy, and leadership, and an array of key skills that support these vital functions.

These positive practices can help you accelerate your personal development.

  • 1. Commit to Growth. A growth mindset is the ability to view changes, setbacks, and challenges as opportunities for learning and development.  Committing to growth is an essential trait for high performers at every level.
  • 2. Prioritize Learning.  The best leaders are continuous learners who are willing to learn from anyone, anywhere, anytime. Take initiative to advance your  learning through conversations, reading, podcasts, videos, books, and formal learning activities.
  • 3. Seek Coaching and Mentoring. The best leaders seek coaching and mentoring to advance their development.  Think about the people who have the capabilities you hope to develop, and ask them for help with your professional development.
  • 4. Create a Personal Development Plan.  Define a vision of who you want to be as a professional, and develop a personal plan to accomplish your vision.  Start by identifying your personal strengths – and make a commitment to sustaining these assets going forward.  Next, identify traits and skills that you want to improve.  Then, develop a plan to advance your learning and development in these areas.
  • 5. Commit to Wellness. A wellness mindset is the ability to manage your personal wellness and work-life balance, especially when things get tough. Committing to wellness is essential for sustaining your energy and focus, especially during periods of stress.
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