• In the nonprofit sector, a high performing organization (HPO) demonstrates positive impact and effective management over time.
    • An HPO demonstrates positive impact by accomplishing its mission for the people it serves.
    • An HPO demonstrates effective management of people and resources based on key performance indicators.
    • An HPO leverages high performance to sustain the organization over time.

A high performing organization:

  1. Has a clearly defined mission.
  2. Has clearly defined customers.*
  3. Has a clearly defined value proposition for each type of customer.
  4. Can demonstrate positive impact for each type of customers.
  5. Can demonstrate effective management based on key performance indicators.
  6. Has a positive work culture.
  7. Has a viable strategy for the future.

*Including primary customers such as clients, patients, or community members; and enabling customers such as partners, funders, and policy makers.

  • You can help create a high performing organization from whatever position you are in right now.
    • HPOs are a result of countless decisions and actions by every individual in the organization.
    • You can help create a HPO whether you are new junior team member or the CEO.
    • You can take action by learning and applying key skills for commitment, teamwork, management, leadership, culture, and strategy.
    • Chances are you are already doing positive things in one or more of these areas.
    • The goal is to keep learning, growing, and expanding your positive influence.
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