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Nonprofit leadership is a complex undertaking that works best when executives and mangers work effectively as a team.  In the October 2018 issue of Social Innovation Review, Libbie Landles-Cobb, Henry Barmeier,  and Kirk Kramer from the Bridgespan Group identify five key questions and some promising practices for optimizing executive team performance.

Their 5 Questions to Guide an Effective Executive Team include:

  1. Is the CEO Effectively Managing the Executive Team?
  2. Is the Executive Team Focused on the Most Important Work?
  3. Does Executive Team Composition Support Its Ability to Do the Work?
  4. Do Meeting and Communication Processes Support Superior Decisions and Execution?
  5. Does the Team’s Dynamic Foster the Right Conversations and Results?

We highly recommend this article for nonprofit executives and managers in any setting. The recommendations from the authors align well with the Elevation learning streams on Leadership and Management and Positive Organizations.