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  • Think of a a positive organization as a place where people feel connected and supported as they work together to accomplish a mission.
    • People feel connected to the mission of the organization, and know why their work matters.
    • People feel connected to the positive values of the organization, and see those values in action.
    • People feel connected to each other as colleagues on a shared mission.
    • People feel supported with clear direction, coaching, mentoring, and learning opportunities.
    • People feel supported with policies, practices, and systems that enable them to do their best.
    • People feel comfortable naming problems and recommending improvements.
    • People feel like they are encouraged and rewarded for collaborating and sharing know-how.
    • People feel like they are recognized for their good work.
    • People feel like the organization cares about their career development.
    • People feel like the organization cares about their individual health and well-being.
    • People feel like the organization cares about their family.
  • In a nutshell: positive organizations win.
    • Research shows that organizations with more of the positive traits outlined above outperform organizations with less of these assets.
    • The reason is that people in positive organizations are more productive in their work, more flexible in response to change, and more resilient in response to setbacks.
    • We now know that creating a positive organization is not just ‘a nice thing to do.’
    • Creating a positive organization is actually the most important thing a leader can do to accomplish the mission and assure the future of the organization.
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