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About Steve Horan

Stephen Horan, PhD is the founding president of Community Health Solutions, bringing more than 25 years of professional experience to each client and project. Under Steve’s leadership Community Health Solutions has helped hundreds of organizations achieve better results through effective strategy and practice. Individually, Steve has been an advisor to consumer groups, nonprofit organizations, corporations, foundations, and public sector leaders. This broad perspective informs his ability to think at the system level as well as the street level, and help people bridge gaps between policy and practice.

Creating Health Opportunity by Design

Health equity has emerged a core value for public policy and community health improvement.  A key strategy for advancing health equity is to create health opportunity in partnership with the people we serve.  Health opportunity has tremendous potential as a mobilizing strategy because virtually every organization can play [...]

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The Positive Collaboration Checklist

Collaboration with other organizations can be a powerful strategy for creating positive impact.  The challenge lies in creating partnerships that can yield positive results for the people served as well as the collaborating organizations. This Positive Collaboration Checklist can help assure that your next collaboration is fundamentally aligned to produce [...]

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The Power of Positive Leadership

Positive leadership can help you elevate people and performance to accomplish your mission.  Positive leadership is a concept that is receiving more attention as people strive to to work together for good in these challenging times.  Positive leadership certainly sounds like a good thing, and if it works [...]

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Spotlight on Social Impact

Social impact is receiving more attention from mission-based organizations. What does social impact mean, and why is it attracting the spotlight? Social impact can be defined as the impact of an organization or program on the health and well-being of individuals.  Conceptually, social impact falls under our broader umbrella of positive [...]

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Five Strategic Keys for Effective Community Collaboration

Collaboration is essential for community health improvement.  We can improve our chances for success by considering five strategic keys for effective community collaboration. 1. Shared Vision Effective collaboration requires that all partners share a vision of the purpose, scope, culture, design, funding, and success indicators for the project. Ask: How does [...]

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Infographic – Five Questions to Ask Community Members about Community Health Improvement

Community members have a lot to say about community health. In our experience, these five questions always elicit rich insights about community health improvement. [pdf-embedder url="" title="CHS Infographic - 5 Questions to Ask Community Members about Community Health Improvement (1)"]

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Leading Change by Design

How can we help people buy into change?   This is one of the most common questions we hear from leaders and team members who are trying to help people move in a new direction.  Leading change is rarely easy, but we can improve our chances by designing change in ways [...]

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How to Demonstrate the Value of Your Organization

The secret to sustainability is to demonstrate value to key stakeholders.  In today's funding environment it is essential to demonstrate value. At Community Health Solutions we help organizations define and demonstrate value by applying a five-step process as outlined below. The result is a 'strategic value model' that can be [...]

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Learning to Be Great

"If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, the end is near." -- Jack Welch With this insight, Jack Welch defines an important strategic challenge for every organization operating today.  The pace of change is fast and accelerating. If we do not [...]

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The Health Asset Model

Research shows that people have a better opportunity for health when they have particular health assets available. One of the most empowering things we can do to support community health improvement is to help vulnerable populations strengthen their health assets. Community Health Solutions developed The Health Asset Model to inform and guide this [...]

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